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Green Living

Green Living Supply- A Brand With A Cause

It feels so good when you collaborate with a brand related to some good cause and so did Pictonix felt when the project Green Living Supply came to us. In this era of industrialization when we are losing a sort of connection with nature and greenery, they are doing an excellent job of regenerating that connection. Endeavoring to make Earth a happy living place, Green Living Supply is a small business partner of the National Forest Foundation, which is consistently addressing critical reforestation to support National Forests. They are a group of real people selling 100% real plants and green products.


  • Migration to Shopify
  • Shopify Design Development
  • Branding & Visuals
  • Content Management

The Final Result

Green Living Supply, which was initially designed in an unsymmetrical manner, wanted us to give their website a new life and also wanted to launch a successful shopify store. Our team began working from scratch and gave their website homepage a complete new & refreshing look as well as enhanced its functionality. We took responsibility for their SEO,website speed and much more.

Green Living Supply as a project was like a roller coaster ride for fun to work upon but had a lot of twists and turns as we did a variety of tasks but in the end it came to be one of the best works done by Pictonix. So kudos to us and our team!!! 

As Shopify experts, it is a professional felicity for our team to work in the close vicinity of passionate clients who aspire to remark the world with its ineffable glory. We congratulate Green Living Supply on its Shopify venture and it is the rightful share of their hard work that resulted in their extolling triumph.

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