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hoto stories
Hoto Stories

Hoto Stories-Every Artwork Has A Story To Tell

Nowadays the number of opportunities for an artist to access a global audience has been limited due to the ongoing pandemic and the shift towards online working in every field put a halt on exhibitions. Hot Stories aims to democratize art by supporting creators all around the world. They wanted to tell the stories of up-and-coming artists around the world who don’t have their stories told. They carefully select artists who have devoted their lives to art but haven’t yet had the platform made available. They want to give creators all over the world a channel to access a far greater audience.


  • Start from scratch
  • Shopify Design Development
  • Branding & Visuals
  • Content Management

The Conclusive Result

Hoto Stories wanted us to develop a user-friendly website through which they showcase the different artists and their artworks. Pictonix listened to their ideas and requirements and began working in the direction of developing the Shopify store and website. We successfully developed a website that is complete, easy to navigate to checkout pages, and easy to understand who they are. We also gave a simple transition between pages and great design around artist profiles.

We made Hoto Stories really elated as a client. It was an amazing experience for us as well to work on this artistic project and look forward to working again with Hoto Stories for some new projects. While working on this project we learned that no matter how big or small your business is, getting digitally successful is a whole new different accomplishment. We congratulate your company on a well-deserved digital success and lots of wishes on the journey to attain more.