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Little CS' Boutique The Portraits

Little C’s Boutique is a UK based eCommerce Shopify store, combining vogue for your little ones. With the aim of reaching millions of newborns and children upto 12 years, the brand transpired to serve your kids a fashion which has imperishable tenderness. The e-store also features other brands including BabyFer, Babidu, Granlei, Sonata and many more beautiful brands to proffer your juniors a collection of designer clothings, sibling sets, and accessories including bags, shoes and more.


– Migration from Wix to Shopify

– Shopify Design Development

– Branding & Visuals

– Content Management

Our Immaculate Approach ​


From an aesthetically pleasing point of view, Little C’s Boutique wanted a highly ingenious build that would really showcase their devotion for kid’s styling. It was necessary to be on a platform that provides flexibility in adding or removing features or contents or images from the site for the betterment of their online brand. The desideratums led them influenced by Shopify and to be partners with the Shopify Design and Development Experts — Pictonix. 

The Final Outcome

A journey through concept to visualization was not possible without a strategic digital marketing knowledge. Our creative and technical expertise led a raw company to establish itself as a brand for global access. By embodying the realm of factuality from the realm of imagination, Little C’s Boutique is now live and has flourishingly touched the hearts of kids so far. 

The passionate digital creators — Pictonix would like to take a moment to congratulate Little C’s Boutique on their well-deserved digital success. Nothing could have been more overwhelming than working alongside your vision. We wish you all the good fortune for your future online adventures. 

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