About The Brand - Bernini

Bernini is a fashion brand based in Beverly Hills, United States with a great taste in luxury products. Starting as a men’s fashion company in the 1990s, soon it became a storehouse of other staggering collections as well. Citing a unique fashion statement in both men’s and women’s collections, fragrances, and cosmetics collections, Bernini fosters its customers to not dress up like others rather tempt others to catch up with them! Make a blissful moment to explore your heart at the Bernini store.

A Rundown On Our Approach

To get their brand live on a flexible yet scalable platform –  Shopify, Bernini entrusted Pictonix’s years of successful flair. Being a well-established brand, the expectations of the client naturally elevate from their professional Shopify experts. In this case, Bernini had its heart set on a swift navigating website with highly conspicuous designing elements. As the brand was migrating from Amazon to the Shopify platform, we had a real task in our hands. 

Let us take you through the intricate details, responsible for the successful inception of Bernini on Shopify:-

Minimalism Is Our Secret Ingredient:-

With years of recognition and experience in fashion retail marketing, most of the client’s expectations were dependent on Shopify’s designing and excelling features. They wanted a perfect blend of designing and honed customization to amplify the elegance of the brand. The website design first impresses on a customer while they shop around and let them conclude the reliability and sustainability in products.

We determined ourselves to deliver a seamless eCommerce store and therefore we chose to go with the ‘Prestige’ – a paid theme, which is known to bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to the store’s design. The Bernini store remains true to its roots of elegance but has its own personality among similar businesses.

Modernism Takes A Stance For The Brand 

Giving an identity to the brand was our topmost priority for Bernini. So, without further ado, our team started investing their strategies in devising a stylescape – an accumulation of proposed designs, images, color selection, typography, patterns, textures, and taglines that manifest the visual drift of the project. For almost every project, the inception of designing takes place with the visual look of stylescape to incarnate our envision for the store.

Pictonix is known to bring wonders to an eCommerce store with its proficiency for designing, which includes the mingling of vibrant color palette, and attractive font. As Bernini was a pre-established brand on a digital platform, they decided to go with the same logo. Just after the theme selection, we chose the ‘Sans-serif’ typeface for the headings and ‘Futura’ for the body that can conform to the brand strategy. It did lend us a great helping hand in making the website more prepossessing with minimalistic typography.

Adding a tincture of simple and modern-styled design, the color palette did a wondrous job. Bernini conveyed its branded imprint through the black and blue shade, which flawlessly contributed to sophisticated, sleek, and elegant facets of fashion. The amalgamation of design, logo, colors, font, and textures gives Bernini a vintage yet modern look.

Power Up Your Story

Adding words become necessary to attain customer’s confidence in a brand. Upholding the ethos of the luxury brand, name – Bernini, our emphasis was to garner a string of words that can establish a connection between the company and the audience.

Their story forming between the inauguration as a men’s fashion company to an expansion as a luxury brand, Bernini has set a long route to success. Contriving it in the words, our content writer has intoned the feelings of proprietors that speak for their brand. Not restraining ourselves to the ‘About Us’, each word on assorted web pages is based on 100% information generation.

Setting The Thames On Fire:-

The immaculate spaces between collections and banners, the adjoining testimonial section, appealing carousels, and apposite content tend to adhere to dynamic web development. Each word on the web has an information-based generation to deal with customer queries.

Bernini had their product images on the previous eCommerce website and they decided to place them as it is on their upcoming Shopify store. While capturing customer’s data, on every page we have installed ‘Newsletter’ to keep customers up to date, after subscription, with the special offers and new arrivals available at Bernini through emails. 

Attaining client’s confidence in our work, we started focusing on social media marketing to increase sales and spread the word for the brand. We ran a few ads on Facebook and were truly transfixed by the maximum return on ad spend. Receiving such positive results and simultaneous appreciation, our enthusiastic attempts started acing the fashion business sector.

Result: An Awe-Inspiring Masterpiece

When a journey from another platform to Shopify undertakes, it calls for maximized efforts as an input to receive extolling output. And this is the story of a Beverly Hills located store – Bernini. Defying all the odds, we feel proud in assisting Bernini to migrate from Amazon to Shopify – a platform of a heck of a lot of possibilities.


A pleasant journey hovering amongst possible suggestions and a heck of a lot of customization, Pictonix is pleased to work alongside your congenial presence that once again made us believe in our capabilities to convert conception into reality. Congratulations Bernini on adapting to the inviting soul of evolving changes and always depicting your best self.