THE BEGINNING A Rundown on the Brand

Rosaline, an established company, belongs to the streets of Medina in the heart of Saudi Arabia. With a professional touch of minimalism, Rosaline is, now, the premium abode to the finest fashion collection, designing women’s wear and accessories including shoes, watches, jewellery, and bagful of style. To procure the vintage catalogue, the journey embarked from the conception to a perfect visualization that holds all the aces.

Our Distinctive Approach towards the Brand

The ultimate goal of establishing as a branded company on a flexible yet scalable platform, struck the mind of Rosaline’s proprietor. They chose Shopify — a leading ecommerce platform with multiple elite functionalities; and the Pictonix — an E-commerce Agency and Digital Marketing Experts, as their Shopify partners to concoct their vision into reality. Rosaline was highly inspired by the visuals, vibrancy, and vividity of the official website of the Spanish apparel retailer — Zara. They wanted our team to work with ingenuity so that their Shopify website could also contrive the vibes like Zara. As soon as we worked on a website, the preview link forged a facsimile of the Zara, which could have aroused the trading issues like copyright. 

Step-by-step working creatively, we came with a whole new, and unique e-store, which is proudly famed by the name — Rosaline. Look how we came onboard, once again, by partnering with Rosaline:—

Thoughtful Creativity

We have worked on a custom design to make the best out of the theme named — ‘Context’. For an idiosyncratic touch our graphics designer performed ‘Typeface Study’, so that from logo to the colour palette, Rosaline can corroborate the ethos of strategic ideas. We did a competitor research and hidden possibilities in the fashion industry for a better ecommerce curation.

Leading by the possible changes for the betterment, the current font is the ‘Playfair Display’ and the colour palette hovers amongst white, nude and dark brown shades. We operated an elegant Typography procedure to devise aesthetic graphics using typefaces. The subtle product images were personally shot and provided by the client for professional layouts, and to testify the promising loyalty on the behalf of the brand.

Dynamic Development

We placed the banners at immaculate spaces, and minimal visualization is curated to deliver dynamic development. To capture customer’s data, on every page we have installed ‘Newsletter’ to keep customers up to date, after subscription, with the special offers and new arrivals available at Rosaline through emails. For a streamlined user experience, we have generated informative sections like blog posts, about us, and taglines to let visitors decipher about the vintage styled fashion quotient. 

We tend to drive traffic and convert each click to lead conversions through our versatile and robust website development. Inculcating application integration, layouts, and banners, we tailored the Rosaline with the beads of UI and UX led inventiveness. To not represent the brand as if it is keeping up with the Joneses, we aimed at creating a unique brand and hence, we changed the web colour from black gloom to sophisticated white, and nude tinctures. 

The Stunning Result Vouching for Sale

From the inception of carbon copy of Zara, very soon, Rosaline store developed into an unhackneyed brand. A breeze of honed illustration, design and development took Rosaline to the new heights of success in the digital platform — Shopify. The company is happy with the way the deal panned out working alongside us! 

An ardent in-house team of Pictonix congratulate Rosaline for launching itself live on Shopify, and being a milestone in the sales converting province. Cheers to its ecommerce prosperity for perpetuity!