Meet Up With the Brand

For almost 150 years, James Campbell Butchers have been supplying the best quality meat to Glasgow and the West Coast of Scotland. The store was founded in 1874 when Great Gran Campbell arrived from the Island of Shuna selling homemade haggis, black puddings, and sausages from a barrow in Govan. After four generations, Jim and Ken Campbell have run 7 Glasgow shops so far. The master butcher shop aspires to furnish individual customers, restaurants, cafes, and hotels with freshly hand-cut meat at great prices with amazing services. A proud family-run business is solicitous about the personalized services to its customers.  


- Start's from scratch

- Shopify Design Development

- Branding & Visuals

- Content Management

Synopsis Of Our Approach

To get a well-established bricks-and-mortar store digital on Shopify, James Campbell Butchers entrusted Pictonix’s years of flair. With a huge customer base in their physical shop, they wanted to embark on a digital venture. The client was anticipating a store that could encourage visitors to convert into permanent customers. 

Designs to Amplify Vision

For an appalling website, a perfect match of color palette and honed images of the high resolution were obligatory. With the client's needs, the ‘Empire’ theme resembled the most. Soon, our work started gaining momentum passing by the lanes of graphics and layouts. To let customers lay their belief in the brand, we used a color palette of interesting colors — pure pink, yellow and white background. The typefaces of both the body and titles are ‘Cabin’ and ‘Futura’ respectively. James Campbell Butchers especially wanted a ‘Customer Login’ tab, so that interested customers can create an account and subscribe to the website for quick or later purchases. Plus, the landing pages and the homepage website entice visitors to make a purchase or contact for queries via given contact details. We have combined ‘Newsletter’ and a ‘Chat Bot’ to let customers stay in the know of the working, latest offers and related news of the Glasgow shops.

Development for Spiritedness

A separate ‘Wholesale Login’ tab is included on the homepage of the website that will aid wholesalers to get in touch with James Campbell Butchers. The client and Pictonix shared a very cordial yet professional relationship during the completion of the project. The logo was provided by the proprietors because they individually wanted to keep it simple. Also, few images of the website were provided by the client, and others were designed by our proficient designers.  As per the requirement of the James Campbell Butchers, the official website came up with flamboyant designs yet eye-catching development. Our streamlined approach towards UI and UX-influenced development will lead to a user-friendly experience. The online journey came across vivid phases of changes, but the refinement resulted in a branded setup. 

The Final Outcome

From a successful bricks-and-mortar to plunge into an online setup, James Campbell Butchers never end up in disappointment. With a miscellany of hard work, aspiration, and regular monitoring, it is live to steal the trust of customers, new and old, in the fresh meat industry. 

When we worked alongside James Campbell Butchers, we learned that no matter how big or small your business is, getting digitally successful is a whole new different accomplishment. We congratulate your company on a well-deserved digital success and lots of wishes on the journey to attain more. 

Created for today!

Created for today!