A New Chapter In The Fashion World

India’s New Delhi based fashion brand - Malie exceptionally epitomizes the beauty carried from the rich cultural differences between the founders. Where one of them hail from Denmark leading the PR and marketing team of her family-owned business, the other undertook a sheer experience in garment manufacturing and textile trading in his family-owned company. 

Malie whirls around the rich cultural differences and the staggering fashion culture born from their fusion yield the basis of the company. The brand offers a timeless and refined modern ethnic look to women's silhouettes of all ages. Exhibiting vibrant designs and prints, the couple aims to foster the essence of extensive fashion. The brand empowers the endowment of unique fashion because you are born to be elegantly beautiful!


- Start from scratch.

- Shopify Design Development

- Branding & Visuals

- Content Management

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Built From Scratch: Phenomenal Was The Destination

Lending a proficient hand, we have designed and developed the brand in a customised environment to match the needs of the client. Building the website from scratch, it was our excelling, professional relationship that we are still in constant touch with Malie to help them escalate their sales. With high ROI, we are relentlessly contriving positive results for the brand.


Malie had a great deal of anticipation for the exhibition of its inventory. Our designers have developed unique product pages accumulating a sheer variety of serviceable apps and wavering tabs. The homepage conveys more information than is generally offered on other competent websites. 


To add a touch of customisation, we had given the client complete control over the look of the Shopify store, including theme, colour palette, and font. Attaining a premium, clean look, we had Malie’s back throughout its marketing planning and execution strategies. We believe in magic when we create one.

As A Matter Of Luxury, We Had To Be Legendary

In 2020, the Indian brand Malie aspired to establish itself on an eCommerce platform. It has its prime focus on expanding sales by introducing disparate inventory in front of the magnificent assemblage of online customers. The high expectations to convey luxury through the eCommerce store meant to establish the brand on the leading platform Shopify - encompassing prodigious features, consolidated by the seamless layout, and embedded with modern functionalities were the essentials. Shopify is profoundly relevant in regards to its flexibility, application integration, and product management while generating useful sales channels at ease. However, the strong framework and affable partnership with Shopify experts was one of the client’s considerations for creating an impeccable eCommerce store. The client soon apprehended the versatility, agility, and scalability of Shopify to meet the unhackneyed fashion benchmark of Malie.

Envisaging A Unique Brand Identity

Malie with an aspiration to reflect its rich heritage worked with Pictonix to make certain that their fascination turns into reality. The strapping partner ecosystem allowed the client to put their notions on the table while Pictonix was devising a strong marketing strategy. For our Shopify team, it is crucial to divulge the mindsets of clients and work accordingly. Meanwhile, we commenced the project targeting the Indian sentiments and traditions. It was time to dwindle the stereotypes and therefore we have designed immaculate website content, impersonating a modern inventory to speak for minimalism that stands out even in odds. Our in-house team has endeavoured to create the website wonders for Malie. From formulating a unique brand identity to rich SEO elements, every member has closely worked with our website designers and developers to ensure the branding of Malie leaves no stone unturned in attracting visibility and traffic.

Accentuating The Competency Of Realistic Website

Idealizing the flamboyance of customer emotions, we fancied the strategies and executed them with proficiency. Keeping user experience in mind, we took a UX-led approach to ease the navigation, shorten the shopping process down to less quick steps, and integrated principal applications to construct a scalable and influential platform. 

With the standard product images, we capture the attention of the client through the reality of those images from all 360° angles. The conspicuous homepage layout on desktop and mobile devices confers both information about the brand and products for sale. From features to functionalities, the website designing hinges around the user experience. 

The diligence of Malie and its founders turned passion into reality. And we pride ourselves on working in close vicinity of ardent founders – grew up surrounded by a vibrant and culturally diverse environment that compelled us to design an aesthetic impact on their website too. 

Congratulations Malie on your sensational success. You have hidden wonders in you that may elevate each day!


Created for today!

Created for today!