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Evolved during the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sterigrips is a brand that caters for you with a tight and secure grip. A safe and snug aura in the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic is packed in their collection of mini, standard, and fully disinfected Sterigrips. Made up of natural, reusable rubber, they are comfortable and versatile and are made to make staying safe simple. The store lets you get back to work without paying heed to any fear.


- Start's from scratch

- Shopify Design Development

- Branding & Visuals

- Content Management


How We Made It Possible?

Belonging to the province of health, hygiene and fitness, Sterigrips had its predominant concern with their product collections. The client envisioned their Shopify journey with economically successful and effective products that leaves a lifelong imprint on their customers. Placing them perfectly in the online store was a great sort of deal for them!With greater emphasis on the quality of presenting an inventory to the targeted audience, Sterigrips wanted to hand over the vital job to the Shopify experts. Ruminating on the nature of our past experience and successful international projects, Sterigrips entrusted Pictonix and its years of flair for website designing and development. Soon, we put a plan on the papers to graciously execute it in the digital world.Let us highlight the game-changing elements, deployed by Pictonix for the Shopify store of healthy, and hygienic grips – Sterigrips. 

Impactful Designing

As the emblem of cleanliness, our team made sure that the website looks conspicuous throughout the layout. It was a vital as well as smart move to engage with customers’ comprehension. To back the store with a strong pillar of website designing, we plump for Shopify theme named - ‘Motion’. The Shopify Motion theme is composed of visually powerful storytelling concepts that catches the fancy of both visitors and customers. The topmost section of the theme fosters the web designers to attach video content and thus, achieve a striking look for the store. The homepage is the perfect blend of animation and video media with strapping words to place the prevalence of our purpose. The seamless layout did support our intentions of healthy website designing and development. The conspicuous layout reduces the friction of navigation by shortening sales down to one click. Placing the logo, colors, fonts, and textures requires a patterned framework, and Pictonix feels privileged in helping another brand excel in their Shopify eCommerce website.

Token Of Brand Identity

Once the project was assigned to our team, we started off the ground with a visual presentation of the store, called stylescape. Enriched by the proposed logo, color, font, patterns, and textures, the client liked our team work and spirit to undergo prodigious changes, animating a website for eternity. Sterigrips was a pre-established website in the fitness industry, merchandising reusable rubber grips and help getting fit, smarter and safer. The client had their own logo and decided to keep the same for their persisting branding. The current official logo makes the audience aware about the strength, cleanliness, and impactful designing elements and informs what the brand is all about - healthy and safe grips. Inspired by the prominence of clarity, we have worked on the ‘Georgia Pro’ typeface for the headings as it is resonant with typographic personality. Through the website, one can easily figure out the pervasiveness of ‘Sans Serif’ typeface, having less stroke width variation, conveying minimalism to the audience. Bolstering the influence of the store, we preferred to go with the universally dazzling combination of colours - ‘Black and Red’. Being a very visually striking combination, they bear a sense of power.

Word Power

If animation provides aesthetics to a website, then content is the voice of a brand. We empowered the Serigrips with a pleasant presentation of words that work wonders on mind and soul. Instigating to get up from your beds, rise upon your feet, and vitalize the ethos of human life, we make everything safer and convenient for the Sterigrips and its audience. Sowing the brand purpose in the ‘About Us’ section, we have testified our quality of work as a complete business solution expert. Not only the about section, but the homepage adheres to the artistic piece of holistic information on banners through taglines. We, the Pictonix, are digital creators, and we believe in creating brand power through mind boggling brand voices. Devoting half of our experience in copywriting, we feel smug in relinquishing a vocal to the brand.

Customising The Website

The store had a disparate component in itself from other eCommerce businesses. The founder of Sterigrips wanted a simple designing phenomenon including easy to navigate. But the ultimate stress was laid on products and its exhibition. Defying the odds, we have worked around the clock in proffering the store a user-friendly aura. Our proficient team, making the best of Motion theme, had set their sights on the customizable content sections on the home page that could help Sterigrips’ customers in nimble navigation. As the theme supports video media, we had to make certain that the high resolution media does not dwindle the loading speed and thus maintain the performance of the eCommerce website. Otherwise, it would have led to higher bounce rates, and low conversion.

The Final Outcome

Aggrandized by the global crisis of Covid-19, Sterigrips found its way through the pandemic. Being experienced retailers, they needed a honed website to transcend in user-oriented interface. We did our best from our end in keeping up with the client’s needs. This led us to positive feedback with minimal changes in the first draft and procure 5 star rating.

As Shopify experts, it is a professional felicity for our team to work in the close vicinity of passionate clients who aspire to remark the world with its ineffaceable glory. We congratulate Sterigrips on its Shopify venture and it is the rightful share of their hard work that resulted in their extolling triumph.

Created for today!

Created for today!