Brand Overview

Beautifully settled in a landlocked country – Switzerland, TrackMate 360 serves a must-needed smartness to your smartphones. With some sterling features, it is a perfect one-stop-shop to snap up your smart digital lifestyle, where you can conveniently place your order for a rotating phone holder, portable selfie ring light, Bluetooth selfie stick, and all available with automatic 360° phone rotation. From dynamic photo shoots to selfie elegance to automatic rotating for ease,  TrackMate 360 is the most precise Shopify store that complements your every demand.

Our Holistic Approach

With exceptionally high expectations in mind, TrackMate 360 recruited Pictonix as their Shopify designing and development experts, who have the power to immortalize the verisimilitude of their vision. Anticipating an immaculate eCommerce website, they hired us to create a conglomerate of ingenuity and functionality. 

Let’s have a deep look at what we have done in establishing the brand name – TrackMate 360.

Wondrous Designing Elements

Thinking of the client’s needs, we wanted to work on a befitting Shopify theme that can amplify the quintessence of gadgets and electronic smartness. No sooner did the team was contemplating than the simple yet elegant ‘Debut’ theme struck our mind. And we decided to customize the theme in accordance with the client’s wavering needs.

Debut theme is one such amongst the 100+ professional themes on Shopify that fits all sorts of merchandise, because of its admirable pliability. The theme proved to be miraculous in designing a clean layout, epitomizing our professional experience as eCommerce website designers. The consistent layout assists in placing the product at noticeable yet a smaller distance. Through our design, we have captured and immortalized simple and modern or minimalism as the key to success for brands like TrackMate 360 – an idiosyncratic abode of thoughts and products.

Exceptionally Aesthetical Brand Identity

Powering the envision of the client on a digital platform, our white-collar graphic designer had created a stylescape as a counterpart of their expectations. After having their approval on website aesthetics like typography, colors, designs, and font, we got going with prosecuting the visual designing of TrackMate 360.

To signify the store’s niche, our graphic designer has designed the logo with a simulating camera icon on it. It perfectly elucidates the brand without any need to quote a word. Finally, after numerous attempts of changes, the current logo on the official website was contentedly accepted by the client. Plus, harmonizing with the brand idea, our team worked on the idiosyncratic ‘Montserrat Semi-Bold’ typeface for headings and the minimalistic ‘Sans-serif’ typeface for the website’s body.

Adding radiance to the store, we toned the colors on the website with the rich orange color palette on buttons and banners. Considered as an energetic color, our distinct orange color selection calls to mind feelings of enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth, and thus can staggeringly represent the vitality of electronic gadgets.

Imparting A Brand Voice

TrackMate 360 had its back to those who wanted a hassle-free and professional photography experience. Incarnating niche and its purpose, our content writer did a fabulous job in displaying TrackMate’s story through words. We have worked in close vicinity of the client to establish a connection with the store and thrive thereafter.

The brand voice has a lot to say about the TrackMate 360 and its disparate customer services, which eventually become its USP (Unique Selling Point). From accurate product descriptions to the catchy taglines on the banners to the sterling about us would not have been possible without the flair of words. Taking note of the needs of the client, SEO-enabled keywords in the content will help them rank on search results pages.

Resolute Website Customisation

Though a large part of the Shopify store lies in designing, we developed TrackMate 360 to beat the existing benchmarks. The client was specific about details that they want a lookalike of their reference store. Once after adding all the components to the store, the client found it as a replica of their competitor store. We positively took up the client’s feedback on the first draft and started working on an idiosyncratic store that shall include the features of the reference store but hinges on a unique ground of the brand.

Delivering a touch of professionalism, we emphasized our talent to build UI and UX elicited website development. We customized banners and the homepage video as this feature was not supported by the current theme. The client also wanted to personalize the product and checkout page, so we have deployed a large part of the coding to gratify the wishes of their brand. The smooth navigation bar at the top, speed optimization, application installation according to their evolving needs, comeliness of buttons, and pertinent banners, are some of the elegant yet unique things we did for TrackMate 360 on the Debut theme.

The images used throughout eCommerce were provided by the client to procure uniqueness and affinity for the brand, as product images speak for their specific product. As the company is restricted to comparatively fewer products, the homepage apprises a lot about the collection and products through its seamless content and product images. Also, we customized banners and homepage video as this feature was not supported by the current theme.

The Final Outcome

Commuting from conception to reality, TrackMate 360 took an appreciably long way of suggested changes that were worth it to be acclaimed as a considerable success. The way expertise is required to build a website, similarly, our critics like TrackMate 360 are essential to adhere to positive suggestions. Passing through the way of changes, we realized how important it is to barter creativity for digital wonders. Maybe this is the realization that got us a 5-star rating from the client!

As a team of white-collar members, Pictonix suggests that sorted website development, like in TrackMate 360, takes customers through a coherent shopping experience. We congratulate TrackMate 360 on imprinting global recognition and simultaneously feel so much joy in your well-deserved digital success. You have been a tremendous asset to the growth of our creative team with your positive outlook. Enjoy every bit of your success, today and thereafter!

Created for today!

Created for today!