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Pictonix is deployed at bringing vivid colours of success to an E-commerce website and Shopify store through its professional stratagems, where crucial being – the Google Ad Management and Optimization. Let’s get deeper!

Trust Our Process of Managing Google Ads for Shopify and E-commerce - The Paradigm of PPC Consultation INPUT A BUDGET TO REAP THE OUTPUT OF REACH!

Google Ad Management and Optimization is a way to rank higher by bidding for ad placement in search engines. Google Ad, the advertisement campaign running on SERPs, is a distinct standard for millions of advertisers to earn new potential customers and grow their online business. No miracle transpires to run Google Ads, rather it is a functional process urging for both brains and brawns to operate in coordination.

According to our Google Ad Experts, without a proper Google Ad structure, it can wreak havoc to your both, money and time. Our technical Google Ad Agency for Shopify and E-commerce is prowess on the marketing front, leading to phenomenal success to your Google Ad Campaigns. From higher quality scores to the lower costs in bidding often incur as a result — too many clicks of relevance, driving website traffic, and a significant rise in sales. 

Our mission is to triumph digital marketing aspects through both organic and inorganic results. For our in-house advertising team, it is imperative to choose correct keywords because the preferred keywords go via organic search as well as paid search typically defining a site and the business to the targeted audience. Google Ad gives quick returns, because the more organic a search is, the more time it takes to earn the benefits of top rankings. Henceforth, we bid under a proposed budget to reap the output of reach by optimizing Google ads.

Exclusive Google Ad Agency for Shopify and E-commerce – contact us today to prompt another cornerstone of online business growth.

What Do We Do? Stand Out.


  • Using an optimized product feed, we create ROAS-focused, relevant ads.
  • Formulating a flexible campaign structure to fit in your wavering business desires and gathering results from Google.
  • Audit reports to narrow down the progress and make transcending growth decisions.
  • Managing Google Ads for Shopify through Shopify Google Sales Channel. 
  • Boosting ROAS with years of proven Google Ads experience, while amalgamating Google ad campaigns, and pertinent keywords through brilliant AI systems and machine-learning testing. This will lend a helping hand to design results absolutely based on data.


Consolidating Central Elements of Google Ad To Boost Your Revenue THE ETHOS OF GOOGLE ADS IS IN ITS ELEMENTS!

PPCWe Fix The Ad Budget

PPC is an acronym that stands for Pay Per Click. Following the pay-per-click model, you have to pay a fee each time your ads are clicked. The fee to be paid is finalized during the process of bidding, where other advertisers will also bid for their ad placement in the search engines’ sponsored links. 

PPC is a paid way to drive visitors or prospective customers to your site without actually earning those visits organically. It leads to your business growth as each searcher searching for the products or services similar to what you offer will get to know about your brand and may also get in touch with you soon.

The fee you will pay, as an advertiser to the search engine, is just a trifling sum for the visit is worth more than the twice over that you pay for it. Our in-house team of ardent professionals, endeavour to bring off the results by doubling the Click Through Rate (CTR). The ingenuity of our team is led by the qualified inklings accumulated through Cost Per Click. Thus, the set charge will be deducted from the bank account, linked with the Google Ads account, at the end of a successful action. 

While managing Google ads for Shopify and E-commerce, we happily resolve PPC complexities by: 

  • Reducing your CPC.
  • Researching keywords at a competitive pricing model.
  • Improving quality score to mitigate your ad’s cost.
  • Plus, we generate complete business solutions for Shopify and E-commerce websites.

Campaigns — Prudent Customer Targeting

The kernel of Google Ad Management and Optimization is a precise and befitting choice of campaigns. You can run multiple active campaigns at one time on your Google Ad account. For example, one ad campaign could be a search campaign, while the other could be a display campaign. 

Search campaigns are the types of marketing campaigns that are solely text-based. They are served to Google users whenever they search for a keyword similar to your search campaign. On the other hand, display campaigns are more about visual aesthetics like banners, graphics, designs of your products, and images. They are served to a broad network of websites. The ads that are visible on any other website, relevant to your business or not, forms display advertising and the specific campaign is called display campaign.

We create all sorts of campaigns according to your business needs. From devising a compelling ad copy to structuring creatives, our E-commerce Ad Agency offers multifarious services. Success is guaranteed, working on it is the condition.

Our ad campaigns follow a series of strategies that are distinctively altered with businesses:

  • Tracking Google ads to identify sales.
  • Deconstructing successful Google ads using Google Ads spy tools.
  • Eradicating keywords that relinquishes poor results, and carving keywords into the right ad groups.
  • Narrowing down the ad groups to relevant keywords, ad copy, and landing pages.
  • Advancing profits considering display devices and location.
  • Google ad positioning.
  • Budget management by counting on profitable campaigns and filtering out worthless ad spend.
  • Listing products on Shopify Google Sales Channel.
  • Optimizing product data inculcating titles, descriptions, and attributes to entail vital expressions.
  • Creating DPA (dynamic product ads) for the retargeting network.

Ad Groups – Placing Ads Appurtenant To The Target Audience

Ad groups are the categorisation of active campaigns in your Google Ads account. To dwindle the inconvenience in fledgling keywords, and to serve more accurate and relatable ads to the target audience, we design inventive Ad Groups. Ad Groups are predominantly a string of ads that are organized logically and semantically. 

The approach of Pictonix behind Ad Groups is to serve the target audience what they are and will be interested in engaging with. This will conclude a profitable business for Shopify and E-commerce, big or small. 

The different ads in the Ad Groups are distinctly categorized on the ground of the keywords’ utility. It is done in such a way that the identity of ads’ existence can be evaluated by the implementation of keywords. The more your Google Ads are optimized, the more it ensures to cater for the right people at the right time in the right place. 

Keywords – The Best Or Nothing

Reviewing and refining keywords becomes the basis of Google Ads Management and Optimization, once you know what is working for your ad campaigns and what is not. To serve the right audience, the right choice of keyword is a must. We foster a ‘bid stack’ that inculcates the same keyword with all the three-match types — the exact match, phrase match, and broad match.

Our white-collar creators keep on experimenting with new emerging keywords by semantically utilizing them in the ad groups. Once there is no existing relevant group left, we devise another Google Ad group with different objectives that can impeccably reflect the choice of keyword. As an E-commerce Ad Agency and Shopify experts, we have our emphasis on Ad Groups with their own adverts and landing pages which increases relevance; the more the relevance, the higher the quality score, lower CPC and higher CTC.

We can bolster your Shopify Google Shopping Ads by adding negative broad match and negative exact match keywords (keywords that you do not want to bid on) to your phrase and broad match Ad Groups. 

Further, then the aforementioned tactics, we also follow the mentioned strategies:- 

  • Keep testing ad copy and landing pages.
  • Make use of location targeting which narrow downs the ads to relevant parts of the country and audience.
  • Judge the response, and audit the performance of various campaigns, and specific Ad Groups. 
  • Operating a Search Query Report in Google AdWords to find new specific keywords to bid on.
  • Schedule your campaigns to make sure they appear only when customers respond favourably.

Shopify Google Shopping Ads – Run Shrewd Shopping Campaigns

The shopping ads, also referred to as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), are the particular sort of product advertisement that appears on Google Search Results.

All thanks to the progressive digital marketing technology that shopping ads are not confined to standard Google search results, but are also visible on the shopping tab on Google, on search partner websites, in the price comparison shopping services, and on YouTube. Being a useful source for shoppers and advertisers, Google is expanding steady opportunities for both E-commerce and Shopify.

Our Google Ad Agency affects Google Ads for Shopify – manage and optimize your growth curve through Shopify Google Sales Channel. It is globally known that Shopify eases down your digital campaigning by reducing the development complexities with its convenient designing elements, and now Shopify also has a Shopify Google Sales Channel from where you can create, audit, and edit your Shopify Google Shopping Ads together.

Our adroit team works on garnering serviceable shopping campaigns on Google and thus presenting a universal array of products to prospective customers. We highly recommend Shopify’s Google channel as it streamlines a mode for store owners to feed up and run fast and get your products in front of visitors and customers. 

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How does Our Shopify Google Shopping Ads Service Work? 

Sign Up – Pick Your Plan Tier

Before commencing with Google shopping ads for Shopify, signing up for the details is a must. Consult our Strategy head, know the possible model of monthly ad spend and plan tier, and finally seal the deal. After choosing your budget and type of ad campaign, sign up for our Shopify Google Shopping Ads services. Plus, ask for any additional services like graphics and video ads, and we will get back to you with a detailed email including a proper plan and strategies to target or retarget your customers.

Creating Campaigns – Stepping Ahead For ROAS

Once the plan is placed on the table, you will be asked to grant access to certain accounts to make them work. We will send you a comprehensive email, consisting of explicit tutorials to execute each step. Your intricate marketing details are of higher value, so share your product information, from images to descriptions, with our advertising team. As soon as we receive every possible detail, we will start working on your innovative ad copy and creatives.

Launching – Acing Out The Google Ads

Our team will stay in touch to keep you posted about every advancement we gain in the project. It takes around a week to create and approve the creators’ campaign and run them effectively on Google for a full calendar month. Don’t get in a flap as the ad copy, and its tentative budget will be discussed with you, before launching any campaign and then continues to a streaming monthly service.

Customer Support – We Never Leave You In Lurch

Our entire business services offer a 30 days support system. In between our customer services we fix issues like negative ROI, a query related to managing Google ads, and any change in the preceding plan. Our 30 days support system will determine that we do not leave you abruptly and without assistance or support when you need us the most.

RISING HIGHER IS THE NEW LIMIT HERE! Your Success Matters the Most

Our team of experienced members is led by a Google Ads Management and Optimization Expert and Head of Strategy to tackle the task to rank higher on SERPs. As a Google Ad Agency for Shopify and E-commerce, our mission is to reach new heights of success by improving every possible result. We corroborate your ads to reach both new and existing customers while bidding on ad placements within budget. By harnessing advertising costs, keywords, and campaigning structure, we set up your Google Ads account to optimize your glaring success. 


  • A Budget that Grants Results
  • The Keywords that Target Audience
  • An Ad that Lures Conversions