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Boost up your online business strategies to rise through the search engine results pages, build your brand awareness and reach a wide range of audience globally. 

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is digital advertising throughout the internet that will lead your reach to a swathe of audiences, locally or globally. As of now, online platforms like search engines and social networks are the vital means of building your brand and maintaining your online existence. No matter what your objectives are, an absolute series of online marketing strategies has enormous proficiency to make you stand out in the business sector similar to yours. 

The synopsis of online marketing, stands as a medium available online that helps website or online content to get potential visitors, buyers or clients. It is about reaching the seller to buyer through digital medium like email, advertisement at online source, search engine optimization, blog posting, social media or more diversified sources of procuring target audiences.When we talk about online marketing, we need to understand what are major sources available in the market that you can use for getting relevant visitors or just users at your website. In recent times PPC advertising, CPA advertising, Social Media Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are some digital tactics that lead online marketing.Online Marketing is about implementing your ideas, analyzing how that performs digitally and customizing your checklist timely. It does not bring overnight success, but is an ongoing activity that

SEO Approach to Drive More Sales

Search Engine Optimization is the lifeblood of the digital cycle called online marketing. SEO is the kernel tactic to drive more sales and in increasing the number of audiences. By reaching millions and billions of clients, SEO keeps on replicating and proliferating its significance by securing customer’s trust and their fledgling anticipation. 

With over 500+ SEO driven projects, we have acknowledged that SEO is not only about ranking on top results of the search engines, but is also about relevance, and being precise. No agency can keep up with their promise, if any, to get you to number one position on Google or Bing. As the algorithms of search engines are characteristically wavering, it takes continuous efforts to manage to be on the top of SERPs. 


We devise a long-term SEO strategy that will succour your brand in search visibility over time. From on-site SEO like content to off-site optimization like links, SEO takes a lot of brains and brawns, but also vouchsafe a digital success in return. Once an attempt is made towards SEO, you will reap its benefit, thereafter, for perpetuity.

Pictonix as an Impeccable SEO Expertise

SEO is an easy way to build your audience and to sell your products globally. Our team of professionals develop SEO based websites and designs under the guidance of our SEO Experts. We have a complete in-house marketing group of white collar creators who are adroit at their jobs — to drive best possible results to a brand. Our SEO adroitness is vouched by the clients we have worked alongside with, for a successful completion of international projects. 

It is not that facile, and can never be easy to fathom out and climb the search engine results pages. Our team of SEO experts leverage a plan with a swathe of information in mind, and experience in techniques to pull off your clearly defined business goals. From relevance of content to correlating designs to an appropriate vision, we channelise a medium to make you organically rank on top of searches related to your products or services.No journey is possible without a tincture of efforts and soupçon of motivating failures. Hence, no matter how strenuous it will be, SEO pays off the output in equity to the amount of invested input. 


Best SEO Practices to Lift You Up

Although, search engines (majorly Google) keep changing their algorithm and it is not easy to find exactly how their algorithms work, some points that should be strongly implemented in order to not look bad in SEO results are


Competitive SEO-Analysis

Before performing SEO, competitor analysis is a must-to-do business step. It helps you in individual growth by learning about the hurdles, agility, loopholes, and opportunities in your business sector that are faced by other businesses, similar to yours. Our digital marketing gurus are adept at managing SEO services by creating a strategy that gives you a competent edge. 

Keyword Research

Keyword is a word that is the nearest or the similar word a searcher might search online, while searching a product or service offered similarly by you. We identify the correct keywords to make sure you are giving your customers and the search engines what they want in SERPs. We are prowess experts when it comes to keywords research, implementation, and significance. We neither perform keywords overstuffing nor create a keyword deficit website. A right dose of keywords with proper capitalization and phrasing will determine your digital performance in organic SERPs.

SEO Content Marketing

Writing compelling blog posts, articles, and website content is not necessary, but obligatory to appear on search results pages. We create an enticing content copy to encourage click through to your site, blogs and articles for valuable links back to your site. On-page and off-page SEO are imperative roles of our content marketing team who strives to grow your brand through its respective relevant prose and keyword research management.

Technical SEO

Whenever a searcher makes a search on search engines, the bot crawls through the data and indexes similar results on SERPs in accordance to relevance. This indexing is based on the technical aspects of SEO. Hence, the better SEO you will perform on your website, the better chances will be to rank on top. We recognise what technical support can rise through the search engines to demonstrate domain knowledge, web titles, and backlinks that vouch for your content.

Local & Global SEO

No matter if your business operates in different territories or is a local-based company, we can optimise your website to grade on local or global searches. We focus on the language you use, keywords you are targeting, and the inventory you put on sale regardless of your regional office. From bolstering your local presence to thriving your international extent, we have SEO applicable solutions for every brand, big or small.

SEO Audit

Auditing the website with the data reports, reveals the region you are excelling at, and also about the areas you should have your main focus at. We look after your existing website timely to ensure everything is from an SEO point of view and nothing is over or lacks the essence of ranking. 




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