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Increase Your Overall Shopify Website Speed

As a leading Shopify expert, Pictonix has in-built solutions for a lightning-fast Shopify store. Stay tuned to get a sneak peek of our website performance expertise with our Speed optimization service.

Elements Of Our Shopify Page Speed Optimization Service

Keeping ourselves in the shoes of customers, we realized that nobody vouches for a slow website. Gaining an understanding from our past projects, the white-collar team of Pictonix has a great flair of ingenuity in creating user-oriented websites for all screens, from desktops to mobile phones and tablets. Get a perfectly honed Shopify store with our testified Shopify Page Speed Optimization Services.

- Optimize page size

- Clean and thoughtful use of images

- Fast and responsive theme

- Lazy load images

- Minify CSS & javascript

- Optimize image sizes

- App analysis and errors

- Use of system fonts

- No hidden fees 

- Transparent working and pricing model

- Continuous Updates until the clinching of the project

Proven Efficacy Of Our Shopify Speed Optimization Services

Better Overall Site Performance

Eliminating unused elements from the website results in both clean and high-performing sites in terms of speed.

Boosting Ranking On SERP

Google SEO algorithm considers the speed of the websites. SEO improvement will escalate customer visits.

Higher Conversions Rates

Users stick to quick loading eCommerce websites and soon convert into customers or potential customers.

Generating Website Traffic

Once you manage to procure a significant rank on search results, soon you will attain more traffic and sales.

Fostering Customer Retention

You will never lose your prospective customers with an agile website. It strengthens traffic, conversions, and existing customers with the new one.
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We Are Fully Dedicated To The Best Solutions

With years of experience and 50+ monthly projects, we know the paramountcy of quick loading website and high performance. Being a client service providing company, we are always looking for improved page speed and thus provoking sales and user-oriented development. Through our past projects, we can speak for slow loading websites that:

  • The slower the site, the higher the bounce rate. As nobody likes to stick to a slow-loading website.
  • Approximately 45% of eCommerce shoppers are less likely to purchase from unexpectedly slower websites.

Leveraging Our Focus On Shopify Page Speed Optimization Service

A fast-loading website plays a pivotal role in engaging your users on the site. Whenever users counter a typically low website they are more likely to abandon your site before making any purchase or creating card drawers. Contributing to a significant rank on Google, speed performance also impacts SEO traffic. So what do we focus on to stay on the top of SERP?

Image Optimization Improves Page Load Time

We create a conspicuous layout while harmonizing with the optimal speed for a better user-end experience. We commence by tamping down your web page images and videos, before uploading, as it will save a huge amount of data which leads to a better speed of your store. Our image optimization services include:

  • Saving your site from overstuffed images and videos, clogging up your Shopify website speed.
  • We compress the size of the images without hampering their quality.
  • As carousels are bad for SEO, we confine your slideshow to 2-3 featured images and sometimes to even one featured image.
  • We never miss pinpointing oversized and hidden images as they can hold up loading other, more important parts of a page.
  • The vital tools we use to reduce the sizes of your images are Crush.pics, SEO Optimizer, and SEO Suite.

Minify JS and CSS to Organise Code Files

The process involves the compilation of codes in a certain manner in which a later loop is dependent on the preceding loop to load first, resulting in improved page load times. To optize your code for better page performance, we take the road of following services:

  • Combining and inlining stylesheets and smaller JavaScript files into one single file.
  • We edit all of the Liquid to eradicate any complexities in execution.
  • Before probing into the integration of files, we keep a backup of your original theme so if things break in between reordering, we still have the original code.  

Fast and Responsive Theme Work Wonders On Page Speed

As Shopify website designers and developers, we make certain to find a pertinent balance between speed and UI and UX-elicited websites. Without impeding the page loading time, we design a store on a honed Shopify theme based on its exemplary layout. The multifarious themes on Shopify are made up of compiled languages like Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, and while customization they can cause increased file sizes. It eventually impacts your store speed. Take a look at how we bring an end to the factors slowing down your store:

  • We propose one of the fast and responsive themes in accordance with your business niche.
  • Cede unnecessary theme features to balance out the exceptional Shopify functions with speed.
  • We always suggest running the theme’s preview page through Google Pagespeed Insight, before installing a theme. It will list the factors responsible for ruling out your store speed.
  • Updating Shopify themes lends a great helping hand as Shopify perpetually updates its themes to become faster and beneficial for its users.
  • Optimal theme adjustments for all screens.

Removing Unused App Codes

A Shopify store gives thriving results with multiple theme supporting applications. Making the best use of those application integrations, sometimes leads to an obstructive component to your store’s speed. Hence, you will need full-time server maintenance and website performance expert for your Shopify store like Pictonix to suppress complexities of apps and custom JS and CSS:

  • We browse through your store and uninstall redundant apps.
  • Futile application integration will continuously load JavaScript files in the background, and thus, shutting off from speed. So, we keep those apps at bay.
  • Disable unused app codes that are installed into the theme so they can run with full tilt.
  • Reordering the app code.


Most frequent questions and answers

No! Your website will remain the exact same while signing off the project. Even before the inception of any changes, you will be personally asked or informed as we will keep you posted with hourly updates.

Our Shopify Speed Optimization Services undertake a holistic approach of optimization for your complete store.

No. We kick off the project by creating a copy of your site theme so that we can work in preview mode. After your consent and approval, we will publish the same website but with a better page loading time. This will save you from going down while we work on optimization services.

We take the project with a deadline of approximately 2 or 3 days. Plus, our 30 days support policy will ensure your 100% contentment and you can contact us for any implementations without paying any extra cost.

Our optimization services are totally dependent on the number of files, scripts, and CSS files to be optimized. It is a one-time payment that accumulates all the service charges. To know more about our accurate pricing model, consider our pricing plan table.

Just after the project details, our full-time server maintenance and website performance expert for Shopify will start working on the quoted details. We will request access to the theme of your store and soon after which we will get to work on a preview theme.