Expert CRO and UI audit for Shopify and Ecommerce

Unlock your store's potential with our in-depth CRO and UI audit for Shopify. Our full audit includes over 250+ checkpoints, meticulously analyzing every aspect of your store to identify and address the reasons behind its underperformance. Trust Pictonix to enhance your user experience and boost conversion rates with our expert, data-driven insights.

Transform Your Shopify Store with Pictonix's CRO and UI Full Audit

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Maximize Your Shopify Store’s Potential

Your Shopify store has the power to build, manage, and grow your online business effectively. While Shopify offers robust ecommerce capabilities and an extensive selection of themes and apps, simply building a Shopify website doesn't guarantee success. To truly unlock your store's potential, you need to stay on top of your site's performance and conversion rates. This is where Pictonix’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and UI Full Audit come into play.

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Why Your Shopify Store Needs a CRO Audit

A CRO audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your website and user experience through the sales funnel. The primary goal is to identify any technical or usability issues that might be hindering your site's ability to convert visitors into customers. Our audit helps in enhancing your store's performance, increasing the percentage of visitors who take desired actions such as completing purchases, signing up for newsletters, or downloading resources.

Benefits of a CRO Audit for Your Shopify Store


Uncover Conversion Barriers

Pinpoint and eliminate hidden obstacles that prevent your visitors from converting into loyal customers. By leveraging detailed site data, we make precise adjustments that smooth the customer journey and significantly boost conversion rates.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Harness the power of comprehensive data analysis to gain valuable insights into your website’s performance. Understand visitor behavior, detect patterns, and make informed decisions to optimize the user experience and increase conversions.

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Enhance Your Marketing Impact

Ensure your marketing efforts are fully aligned with your conversion goals. Evaluate and refine your campaigns, landing pages, and offers to create a cohesive customer journey that drives higher conversion rates.

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Build Customer Confidence

Strengthen trust and credibility with your customers by uncovering trust-building opportunities. Integrate genuine customer reviews, trust badges, secure payment options, and transparent policies to inspire confidence and encourage purchases.

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Drive Continuous Improvement

Establish a strategic plan for ongoing enhancements using continuous, data-driven insights. Stay adaptable to customer needs and maintain a competitive edge through regular, targeted optimizations.

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UI and CRO Audit
Audit for Shopify
Shopify Audit Services
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What is a UI and CRO Audit?

A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and UI (User Interface) Audit is an in-depth evaluation of your website's performance and user experience. Our team of experts meticulously examines every facet of your online store, identifying technical issues and usability problems. This comprehensive analysis provides you with a detailed roadmap of necessary improvements to enhance your site's effectiveness and user satisfaction.