How to Get Sales on Shopify and Grow Your E-commerce Business?

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Starting from a basic marketing strategy to its complete execution on Shopify may contradict the possible realities. Even after putting up a successful eCommerce plan on papers, it might fall flat online while getting or growing sales on Shopify — one of the most leading eCommerce platforms known today.

Shopify is the most transcending eCommerce business provider that helps you launch an e-store with agility and the highest efficiency in regards to technical and design features. But being a common fact, sales does not touch the sky in one day or all by itself. You need to envisage each phase before even starting with the first stride. Making sales might be as easy as pie and promotion may be at your wits’ end or vice versa. It clearly depicts that the course can really be grueling at times, but the result obtained at the end will be worth it all the pain. 

To escalate traffic and conversions of your e-store, it is obligatory to put on the director’s cap and intend to move the wind in your direction (in favour). There is either in or out or nothing in between to get sales on Shopify. That is why it becomes mandatory to have an overview in mind followed by effective knowledge, thoughtful marketing tactics and a few couple of instructive tools. Soon after hitting live, you will be able to get sales on Shopify and gradually grow your eCommerce business by sticking to productive stratagems. 

One of the most reliable components in growing sales on Shopify is to form a firm customer base who can become a permanent part of an online journey from single purchase to recurring acquisitions. Just after implementing various ideas, take the figures through Data Analysis and puzzle out which tactics really worked in your favour and which did not. Repeat those tactics that are furnishing favourable outcomes and eradicate those that are antagonistic to your eCommerce business. 

Ecommerce Marketing — Getting and Growing Sales on Shopify

A series of promotional tactics used to drive the website traffic, converting visitors into prospective customers, and contriving a permanent customer base for frequent sales is called eCommerce marketing. 

The holistic approach, taken on and off your website, towards eCommerce marketing can help you build brand awareness, procuring customer engagement and thus boosting online sales. A string of tactics help to promote business on various social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and a lot more or even a specific product or collection can be promoted on digital platforms and throughout the internet.

Striking Ideas to Get Sales on Shopify and Grow Your E-commerce Business

Sticking to some amazing and efficacious strategies, you can create wonders online. Pictonix, the most trusted pioneer of Digital Marketing Experts, believes that it is okay to dream big here, for every dream precedes the online business goals. We espouse you in accomplishing unprecedented heights by obtaining sales on Shopify and extending your eCommerce business.

Know more about some practical eCommerce marketing ideas that we personally recommend for each online venture.

  1. Design to Entice More Sales

Whenever a Shopify store is developed, website designing and UI and UX led web development in amalgamation with speed optimization and graphic design becomes the pillar of your e-store. Try to make the reigning foundation of your eCommerce with the aforementioned pillars. 

Not only does a poor design appear like a substandard brand and create trust issues among customers, but can also lead to a confused shopping, because of poor navigation throughout the Shopify store. 

You need to clearly focus on your layout including texts and visuals, because if viewers are not able to read and see through what you are offering then they are directly going to opt out from your eCommerce website. Provide a proper segmentation of your inventory, do not over stuff all the products on a single page and categorize them in accordance to collections and categories. In cooperation with the above designing tactics, make complete use of your Shopify theme to get staggering results. 

As one of the Leading Shopify Experts, Pictonix knows what it takes to design and develop a Shopify eCommerce business. So without losing a moment get in touch with us and steal the digital heights. 

Here is an example showcasing marvellous designing and development carried out by our team members for a USA based jewelry brand – Nikouture.

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Integrate Facebook and Instagram Store

With over millions of daily active users on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, they become the most vigorous promoters of your brand online. Not only can you avail an opportunity to connect with consumers, but can also directly integrate Facebook and Instagram with your Shopify store. This will escort prospective customers with hassle-free shopping at any social media platform available and as a store owner you do not even have to keep up with a separate inventory. 

Social media apps are all about followings and followers as it determines how much impact you are creating on these promotional sites. If you strategically build your presence like using relevant content and pertinent hashtags, appealing photo, videos and Instagram reels, and even if you pay absolute attention to the activity of your followers’ response on your posts, then you are on so right track to building a large Instagram following of people who are interested in your products. 

Always try to lay personal heed while handling your social media. Perform ecommerce social media marketing and create bizarre engagement through daily posts, running contests and know what your followers are interested in through feedback or messages. You can directly add products on Instagram and Facebook posts, stories and can even share them via messages, which will lead a direct path for consumers to purchase and thereby increasing your online sales

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Upsell Your Products To Sale More 

The process of upselling is simply oversizing the customer’s cart. If the customer is keenly interested in one of your products, you can compel them to buy another product relatable to the first one and hence devising a combo pack. This is only possible if you offer a great deal as such in prices, quality and relatability. 

This product-specific approach lets you sell a slightly more premium product than the one the customer was originally considering your brand for. You need to spread a word why these packages or upgraded items are a better fit for their current needs and how they can utilize this add-on more effectively. Lay out the strong difference between their anchor product and the premium product that you’re intending to sell. 

While upselling your products you need to ensure that upsells are nearly related to the original product and also within the gamut of the customer’s anchor price (anticipated price range of your customers).

Also, the premium product is obviously going to be a slightly higher priced product than the original product, so it must be discernibly better fit and should be worth the additional cost. 

For example, you must have noticed that once after purchasing an item or even adding it to your cart, brands will show similar products to enhance your shop with very relatable accessories. This is how upselling your product can attract more sales. 

Mitigate Abandoned Carts To Seal The Deal

Most of the online sales are stuck by abandoned carts. Something transpires in between the checkout that causes visitors to abandon their cart without purchasing it. The reason behind it can be the high prices — they might have caught a better deal of the same product somewhere else or they are waiting for a marvellous offer to clinch the acquisition or maybe they are not satisfied by customer service or product quality. 

You can simply remind them about why they wanted that product or can again tempt them towards the item through push notifications or a well-crafted email recovery campaign. For example, a lucrative discount or thoughtful upgraded package may persuade the sale. 

Draft an email with a strong subject line and email with poignant details to let the customer know the reason they were taken back by the product and wanted it. Therefore, try every possible marketing tactic to get customers to return to their carts and finish up with the purchase. 

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Step Up Your Business with Email Marketing 

As much as the social media power grows, email marketing still remains on the top for respecting the customer’s private space, creating a professional impression and sharing a heck of a lot of brand related information. According to a June 2018 survey, around 7 out of every 10 entrepreneurs make the use of email marketing strategy to enhance their diurnal sales. 

It is the crucial channel to manipulate customers to lay their trust in your firm or brand. You can simply advertise your specific product or the outright inventory via mails and let them know what they are missing out by sending details about new product, offers, add-on and many more. Holding on to various options, email gives you a spacious chance of messaging to reach out to your targeted audience which social media posts can not possibly adhere to. 

Try to catch as many email subscribers as possible. Ask your audience to sign up to the newsletter to stay in the know of exciting offers, updates related to the out of stock products, blogs and even upcoming arrivals. These subscribers will be in constant touch with you and possibly can contribute in big fat conversions. 

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Push Notifications and Wishlist Reminder Emails

To ensure your customers constantly know what is evolving inside your brand, it is important for you to let them get in touch with you. With the help of email subscription you can inform them about happenings like new stock products, price drop alerts and mega sale festivities. 

Send your customer a wishlist reminder email, which is apparently related to the abandoned cart email. Both the emails are used to convince the customer to do a final transaction of the product they have shown their interest in. Just the matter of fact that changes is that an abandoned cart email is for those customers who have added the product to their cart, but have not purchased it yet. Conversely, in a wishlist reminder email you are attempting to ask your customer to hark back to the product they have added to their wishlist for quite a long time, hence validating their deep interest in the product they have been eyeing.

In cases, these sorts of sales are attainable through an offer like free shipping or a discount. It will trigger them to buy the desired product at reasonable splurge and that is how clinching a sale.

Always keep in mind not to spam audiences with repetitive promotional mails as this will cost you badly in customer service. 

Shopify Design and Development

Application Integration Makes Web Easy 

Shopify is the leading platform that holds pre-setup for your Digital Marketing goals. Whether it is about lifting your e-commerce to top or establishing your digital presence, thousands of essential, and free apps in the Shopify App Store awaits your touch. 

Ecommerce marketing has swathes of possibilities, strategies, organization, and management. In every consecutive stride, taken towards the ultimate goal, there is definitely an app for all your business needs. If you want to add customer reviews, ameliorate your Shopify store’s email marketing, re-target a specific audience, publish your products to social media, or get in-depth analytics, there are manifold assorted Shopify apps to enhance your online store. 

Shopify apps own their ethos in increasing sales. Where one is recruited for email marketing, other has a charge of converting visitors into customers, and consecutively other prodigious apps are designated with other diversified roles. Unlocking various functionalities, and opportunities, Shopify App Store will aggrandize your site for a better customer experience, and drift more sales. Just with a little browsing, you can select an app that fits your unique eCommerce needs the most, and you are all ready with an enhanced Shopify store. 

Few apps that Pictonix personally prefer in our each projects are:- Abandoned Cart Recovery, Klaviyo, Oberlo, PushOwl, Product Reviews, SEO Image Optimizer, Live Chat Upsell and Cross-cell Products.

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Specific Details Will Vouch For Your Products

When a business gets aboard, soon its name escalates among online audiences based on the recommendation. If you serve excellent services in premium quality and deliver exact copy of the product as was shown on the product image, then nothing in the world can hamper your way to digital success. 

Perform a deep research on the market demand and see if it goes well with your online venture. You can look for relevant keywords associated with your niche, its volume, geographic validation, social media trends, search engine marketing and advertising on various platforms including backlinks. 

Use these research reports in your web content, blogs, articles, email and social media marketing to strategically rank in SERPs and gain high ROI. If you have noticed, when a product is out of stock there is a button that says ‘Notify Me‘. Click on these kinds of buttons will ensure that your customers are eagerly waiting for that product to get back in stock by subscribing to the email and will buy them eventually. 

Content Marketing That Speaks About Your Brand

While setting an online business on Shopify, content plays an important role in conveying the notions, objectives and your ideologies. Playing a vital role in ranking, content can lift you up to the unknown heights.

Plus, content management is not just about blogging, but roads to the podcasts, website content like catchy titles appealing to the audience to make a purchase and even much more. Leading to bond with the customers, you can simply take advantage of content marketing by

  • generating podcasts 
  • creating SEO specific backlinks 
  • guest post will let you rank in blogs of other web as well 
  • contriving 100% plagiarism free ad copies for copyright

Use parent keywords and decipher the chronological components entailed in SEO. Optimize your product pages for on-site conversions and increased sales. Once you’ve done the research you can lay out a plan about the pros and cons of each step taken towards eCommerce success. 

Start learning today, which can pay results in the future to your Shopify store. 

Customer’s Feedback to Understand Yourself Better

The user-oriented content (UGC) holds paramountcy in the eCommerce business when today’s audience totally rely on online reviews and feedback. When your products will be testified by someone like them from the audience, it will automatically raise a feeling of trust and utter confidence in doing the same. 

The feedback given by your customer not only encourages other potential customers to buy your product, but also lets you know in which province you are supposed to revamp your store, and customer services. 

According to an eMarketer report, solely 2% of consumers, and website visitors do not pay any heed to the product reviews section. Also, the content published in Product Reviews aids in Search Engine Optimization, means the unique keywords used in reviews is a gateway for product pages to be found on search engines. Thus, being an infrangible part of an online store’s branding, and marketing, Shopify has an app called ‘Product Reviews’ to build trust, and loyalty on your brand label.

Reviews can be of various types, for example, it can be either someone in a picture using your product (the most effective form of UGC) or can be the comment under the product description. 

Optimize for Mobiles and Higher Speed

Optimizing eCommerce website for mobile means serving handy online shopping experience to half of the online customers while on any go. The optimization means a responsive design with mobile visitors in mind from start to finish. A design that will let them swiftly navigate throughout the Shopify store — browse collections, hassle-free checkouts and other functionalities without using desktop. 

You can edit your images, banner, and collection to fit into all mobile screens. Also, create buttons that will be handy in use while using them on small screens without zooming in. While performing all these tasks, never omit to pay heed to website speed on all screens from mobile to desktop to tablet. A quick loading website will always reap the benefit of more frequent sales in contrast to a buffering site with a message ‘Please Wait’ or ‘Loading…’.

Run Ads to Drive Traffic

A nonpareil eCommerce website goes through active advertisement campaigns. It not only gives viewers a hint about your branding standards, but also tells them what you are putting to garner the benefits of Shopify sales. 

Running ads has never been an easy task on the internet, but once you get success in product ad placements in front of the right audience at the right time with the right message, you will soon start getting positive results. 

The kernel of ECommerce Google Ads Optimization is a precise and befitting choice of campaigns. You can run multiple active campaigns at one time on your Google Ads account. For example, one ad campaign could be a search campaign, while the other could be a display campaign. 

Search campaigns are the types of marketing campaigns that are solely text-based. They are served to Google users whenever they perform a search related to a keyword similar to your search campaign. On the other hand, display campaigns are more about visual aesthetics like banners, graphics, designs of your products, and images. They are served to a vast network of websites. The ads that are visible on any other website, relevant to your business or not, forms display advertising and the specific campaign is called display campaign.

Plus, Pictonix suggest some simple guidelines to make the best use of your budget cap so that you never get over the committed budget and receive more ROAS (return on ad spend) as a result:-

  • Never go over the purposive budget cap.
  • Does not commit to any long-term settlement or investment. Keep on modifying the advertising budget by either completely halting or increasing and decreasing in accordance to the needs. 
  • Pay when a lead completes an action such as landing to your site by clicking one of your ads or calling or visiting your business. 
  • Bid on researched keywords with the calibre of highest success rate.
  • Higher a content writer who has a flair of appealing ad copy. Make certain the Google ad copy can relate to potential customers or visitors.
  • Provide authentic reports, and insights, regarding your ad’s performance, costs, and output. 

Also, social media advertisements like Facebook advertisements and Pinterest ads will serve you in running campaigns throughout their users. We are the fastest-growing Facebook ad agency for eCommerce in 2021.

There is always a hope for improvisation, because there is no definite height of success in eCommerce businesses. The moment you will think you have got what you anticipated before setting about this online venture, the next moment there will be something new and crazy to serve your existing and new customers for a suave shopping experience. 

In Shopify assisted eCommerce business, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Whether you face pitfalls or pristine triumphs, there will always be something new to learn in the digital world. Imbibe to those eCommerce marketing practices that are yielding positive results and endeavor to get rid of those that are trying to pull you down.

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Now, as you have learned a lot about the tactics related to the imperative question while setting up a Shopify store — ‘How to Get Sales on Shopify and Grow Your E-commerce Business?’, it is the most propitious time to leap forward. Set up your own online store on mega hit eCommerce platform — Shopify. 

If you are marketing savvy and have strong management skills, start with designing your store. Otherwise, Pictonix is always equipped as your eCommerce Website Designer to get you online without further obstructions, because we know how to deal with all the odds faced by various business sectors.

Invest there, where you see the revenue! 


Design Your Very Own Shopify Store with Pictonix

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All the processes entailed in our functioning are paying off the result by the success of every brand we have designed. We acclaim the measure of our success with an extensive fraction of your success online. Hence, we bring the best Shopify store examples, including examples of Shopify dropshipping stores and physical stores.

We hope you are completely mesmerized by our work as much as we are catering to your business digitally!

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