The Fastest Shopify Themes To Back Your E-commerce store

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Taking your e-commerce off the ground requires a balanced sequence of ideas, decisive commitment, and investment in the form of time and money. Usually, a website lacks proper time management for both the end, retailer and customer, while leveraging most of the focus on scrimping money in website design and development, and inventory administration.

But in the real Shopify world, time and money work hand-in-hand. The loading time of your website enhances the time spent by any customer on your website and eventually can accomplish a conversion. According to website speed-related studies, on average, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the customers will turn their back on the web page without contributing to your conversion rates.

So this simply explicates the reason why Shopify speed matters and encompasses your revenue in all ways.

The Importance of Shopify Website Speed – Fortify Reach, Engagement, Conversion 

Shopify website speed intensifies your user experience which gradually is measured as your customer service and inculcates core values of the brand. Being a Shopify retailer, in the first place, you have to ensure your services excel in every dimension. Be it offering deals or providing advanced site performance, spare no efforts in standing out.

If we have to pinpoint the prominence of the Shopify website speed in an online business, then it would entail the foremost points mentioned below.

  • Speed directly affects Google ranking which plays a pivotal role in reach, engagement, and conversion.
  • Shopify speed contributes to a better user-end experience and your brand can be benefited from it in various ways such as a higher conversion rate.
  • Website speed lessens the reason for abandoning web pages and carts.
  • Fast loading Shopify stores influences the first impression on customers, who will take you seriously for expert website development.

How is Your Shopify Website Speed Impacted?

The globally used fast eCommerce platform – Shopify leaves no stone unturned in the betterment of the website designing and development services for its users. To skyrocket your online sales, there are a lot of the best Shopify apps available. Be it adding an easy social shop, product reviews, or anything else, Shopify has got refreshing solutions for all your merchandising needs. 

Embodying hundreds of features to offer the best display experience for your customers, will cost you the store’s speed. After adding those extra things your store will get slow, but without them, you will snatch the attributes of a seamless, functional website. Therefore, you need a series of devious stratagems to keep up with both speed and features.

Pictonix provides complete business solutions with Shopify speed optimization service. Contact us to know more. 

Shopify Themes Play a Speed Factor Role in Overall Site Speed. But How?

The speed of your Shopify store greatly depends on your theme, be it free or a premium. Shopify offers its users multiple themes to create their user-oriented website, as an immaculate design can prove to be awe to your sales. While customizing themes, when made up of compiled languages like Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, can stimulate increased file sizes and thus, affecting your store speed.

The theme supports the ‘display of the page’ and renders the speed to all the website pages included in your eCommerce store. Plus, the fastest Shopify themes are fast and quick to download. 

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So, “the faster theme you plump for, the faster your website becomes.”

It is a matter of fact that Shopify serves fast-loading assets to its users. It incorporates a quite fast configuration, in comparison to other eCommerce platforms, by alleviating the ‘hosting’ component, as it is already taken care of. 

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The Fastest Shopify Themes in 2021 – Component of Successful Online Business

To consider, Shopify is a well-accomplished eCommerce platform in the categories of features – advanced and tech-infused. 

We have listed a few best Shopify themes that can act pretty well with all brand niches. Let’s move into the fastest Shopify themes that can work wonders for your Shopify venture.

1. Dawn

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Mobile-First Theme Dawn

Theme Dawn explicitly uses Online Store 2.0 features, including JSON templates, to eventually support multiple app blocks and sections on all pages. The theme leverages its key features to establish an ultra-lightweight, mobile-first theme. 

It uses minimal JavaScript and atomic components which maximizes flexibility while defending a fast-loading website.

Key Features:

  • It makes use of CSS and the primary browser features instead of complex JavaScript to subdue the bundle size and minimize load times.
  • Usage of sections and blocks allows merchants to build custom layouts on any required page without special coding.
  • Dawn is the fastest theme yet and a little secret behind being mobile-first is that it can be designed on mobile screens first and then adapted for desktop.
  • Easy to customize Dawn theme harmonizes wide color schemes without any complexities.

These excelling features are to ensure Dawn themes work well for speed performance and hand out high conversions.

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Mobile View of Theme Impulse – Perfect For All Shopify Stores 

Impulse is a robust theme that can be implemented for charming and luring customers to the website with artistic design. Due to its fashionable look and elegant vibes, it is brilliant for Shopify stores similar to clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and sports and recreation of any catalog size.

The theme does not obligate special coding to use its excelling features like drag-and-drop sections and blocks for creating custom pages throughout your store. It is another flexible yet fastest Shopify theme while keeping pace with high-volume stores, visual storytelling, and physical stores.

Key Features That Excel Impulse

  • The 100+ free trials will make certain you pay for a store of your expectations while publishing the theme before getting live.
  • You can create prodigious sections to depict the value and products of your store.
  • Impulse is a clean Shopify theme that shortens the shopping process down to a few steps. An immaculate layout will guide your customers throughout the store.
  • Few other excelling features of Impulse include – slide-out cart, cross-selling, stock counter, store locator, customizable contact form, trust badges, promo tiles, image rollover, and mega menu, just to name a few.

Impulse, in conclusion, meets Shopify’s performance standards, ensuring a faster shopping experience for your potential buyers, at last, aiding in the betterment of your brand’s customer services.

3. Expanse

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Theme Expanse –  Known for Its Classic Look

Expanse is another yet powerful theme introduced by Shopify to build up the clean design of your website. It is a modern Shopify theme that enables your brand with custom promotions, intuitive navigation, and a seamless mobile experience.

The theme fits the niche of food and drink, health and beauty, and home and garden. Designed specifically for dropshippers, Impulse can be a part of stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period.

Key Features That Excel Expanse

  • Collection sub-listing to display custom collection tiles within another collection.
  • It grants customers a ‘quick buy’ experience. Customers can quickly add items to their cart without leaving their current page.
  • Custom menu lists displayed on your store’s home page permits customers to easily navigate amongst the extensive catalogs.
  • Plus, customers can quickly browse and filter products, dwindling the loss of time, using custom filters and meta tags.

Impulse divulges marvels of simplicity by being classic. Its basic features are en route to exceptionalism. The one who adores minimalism will truly be enchanted by the Impulse.

4. Shella

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Theme Shella – the Multifunctioning Shopify Theme

Shella is distinguished as the multifunctioning, premium Shopify theme by ThemeForest. The design can be toned for brands related to urban-style fashion, unisex boutique, jewelry or other accessories, home decor, and tools and gadgets. 

The theme bestows elegance, sophistication, and conspicuous arrangement of vivid blocks and sections. The cleaner you want, the clearer layout you get with this theme.

Key Features That excel Shella

  • Vertically customized mega menus will add convenience and distinction to your Shopify store. 
  • Revolution slider, promo box, blogs, and custom content can all be poised easily on the homepage without influencing the website’s performance. 
  • Fill up your store with unlimited, hundreds of color options, harness the color of every theme’s element.
  • Additional theme Shella features include mega menu, visitors count, price countdown, stock countdown, GDPR popup, and an ongoing list of other inclusions.

Shella is a 100% responsive theme around all the devices that can ameliorate your Google ranking without jeopardizing fast loading.

5. Avone

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Easy-to-Use Theme Avone 

Another fastest Shopify theme, Avone is one of the favorite choices of online retailers. It gives the chance to get live with over 1000 theme options to fully satisfy the business needs. Hence, it is the best-known customizable theme of all time. 

The premium Shopify Theme offers plenty of vibrant designs and extensive functionality. Offering smart solutions to numerous brands, Avone becomes a multipurpose Shopify theme being very user-friendly and suitable for any webshop. 

Key Features:

  • Different demos possess different elements. And features between different demos can be combined with one click.
  • Inbuilt apps with Avone make you pay less for apps like Instagram shop, Wishlist, Product Countdown, Product Sale Notification, and many more. 
  • Easily customize a store by jumbling multiple features that will suit your requirement in the best way.
  • Flexible header options and footer layouts and attractive MegaMenu with fully customizable columns, background, fonts, colors, and more.

The loving outreach of Avone to the mobile-optimized designs propel a significant Google ranking and advances fast loading page speed.

6. Motion

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Theme Motion with Fastest Loading Shopify Themes

As the name suggests, the Motion throws light on the action or process of being moved, and in the Shopify themes, Motion resembles the visual storytelling. At the top section, you can add video content to give your store a more impressive look. But ensure to optimize the video display quality to support the website speed performance.

It has three styles – classic with bold fonts, elegant with a more refined touch, and minimal with a more balanced feel. With the help of these styles, you can bring the Shopify Motion theme to life for brands with niches like clothing, travel, accessories, tech-led, and moreover to any relevant stores. The theme highlights the emotions, values, purpose, and goal of the brand and is perfect to target customers with sentiments. 

Key Features:

  • Your products can breathe with a visually aesthetic storytelling section.
  • A well-refined sub-collections will save you time without any need to reload the collection page and customers can filter the desired products as many times as they need.
  • Product quick view which backs the customer experience as they can get a summary with pictures of a product they have clicked on without leaving the page they are on.
  • Create a splendid Shopify store with a responsive design for mobile shopping.

Motion becomes a great choice if you aspire for an animated Shopify website with exclusive images, text, and page transition animations.

Design Your Very Own Shopify Store with Pictonix

With a pioneering spirit and passion to bring happiness and contentment to the customer’s expectations, Pictonix has been serving its Shopify expertise to established or new brands across the world. It took us an extraordinary 8 years, and the unaccountable vision, hard work, creativity, emotions, and sweat of each team member to be recognized as digital marketing solutions globally. 

All the processes entailed in our functioning are paying off the result by the success of every brand we have designed. We acclaim the measure of our success with an extensive fraction of your success online. Hence, we bring the best Shopify store examples, including examples of Shopify dropshipping stores and physical stores.

We hope you are completely mesmerized by our work as much as we are catering to your business digitally!

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