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Setting up your online store is fascinating and simultaneously not-so-hard if you act intelligently to transmute conceptions into certainty. For a significantly prolonged period, bricks and mortar are emphasizing to establish their reach online due to the evolving age of digitalization. So it becomes crucial to create a revolutionary movement in dynamic website designing to stay ahead of the competition.

Shopify – the Most Suitable Platform to Get Your Digital Store

Powering 1,700,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify exemplifies the ideal platform for entrepreneurs with its excelling features and functions. Shopify helps you kickstart, run, and grow your business with effective customization for the betterment of every aspect of your website. 

Fundamentally, focusing on independence of brands without complexities and special coding, Shopify proffers full access to the HTML and CSS of your store, 70+ professional themes, a free 256-bit SSL certificate, easy dropshipping setup, unlimited bandwidth, and automatic, instant upgrades, just to call out a few of the hassle-free features integrated with Shopify.

Lay your trust in Shopify and design Shopify store examples with it!

 Digital Shopify Agency

Why Choose Pictonix?

Being on the digital marketing front for the past 8 years, Pictonix has been acing every project with its understanding of customer targeting. We decipher and value your conceptions to build a store on notions and trust.

We immortalize ideas for a beautiful eCommerce website and craft digital success with our bespoke builds. Since 2014, our proficient team, comprising the Project Manager, Front-end Developer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, SEO Specialist, and Content Writer are pulling out all the stops to meet the client’s needs.

Our efforts are continuously recognized globally and one of the journey highlights becomes 2024 when Pictonix becomes a Google partner. It implies that we have been acknowledged for maximizing campaign success for our eCom clients, improving sales by maintaining their campaigns and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications. 

We are truly making wonders in Shopify stores’ advancement. Come and explore our best Shopify examples, including top Shopify dropshipping stores and many more. 

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Best Shopify Examples Designed by Team Pictonix – Look at the Wonders

What makes one Shopify store different from other stores is a heck of a lot of tweaking and ‘customization’. The better you avail yourself of Shopify features, the better it will turn out to be one of the Shopify store examples. A little more effort into everything can negate the stores from attaining a similar look to a lot of eCommerce stores. 

To inspire website designing and development components of your Shopify stores, we have assembled, by sorting out, a list of the best and most accomplished brands on the Internet. Designed by the team Pixtonix, the listed Shopify store examples will invigorate your Shopify venture.

1. Sojoma Beauty – Skincare Brand   

Digital Shopify Agency
Full Service Ecommerce Agency

Located in Oregon, Sojoma Beauty is a Shopify store, made in the USA from domestic and imported ingredients. The compatible design and structure of the store elucidate the elegance of skincare and its other relevant products. 

From logo to enticing CTA buttons embodies illumination of skin and brings you their flagship product – Illuminate Face Oil.

What leads this store to be amongst the best Shopify examples?  

  • Unique and effective CTA button.
  • Clean and attractive layout.
  • High-resolution product images.
  • Captivating ingredient description serves in transparency.
  • Seamless content management.

2. Global Life Solutions – Fitness Brand

Full Service Shopify Agency
Shopify Design and Development

Global Life Solutions is a trusted fitness-inspired brand with an ultimate goal to provide quality health and fitness products to advance the everyday lifestyle. With compelling content and video content on the homepage, the store surely creates room for itself amongst the best Shopify store examples.

Once a visitor lands on the website of Global Life Solutions, it compels them to stroll down further and spur them to look and shop around its fitness products. 

What leads this store to be amongst the best Shopify examples?

  • Animated video content at the top section.
  • An easy-to-reach menu provides a fashion to navigate the website easily.
  • Elegant structure and designing of the website.
  • Highlighted content turning into website goals.
  • Seamless positioning of the footer, social links, and internal links.

3. Nikouture – Jewelry Brand

Shopify Design Agency
Full Service Ecommerce Agency

Founders’ love for traveling led to the establishment of Shopify store – Nikouture, a jewelry brand dedicated to uniquely designed, handcrafted, and handpicked pieces from different countries. The sophistication and stylish idea of the brand is being amplified with conspicuous website designing and development. 

The Grey and white color palette conveys the texture of jewelry and powers the spirit of the senses. Plus, our team has incarnated the style of the brand with exemplary Shopify designing besides a subtle touch of customization.

What leads this store to be amongst the best Shopify examples?

  • Aesthetically powerful logo.
  • Poised color scheme and font.
  • Stunning jewelry images with high resolution.
  • Well-organized product lists and collections.
  • Informative and enlightening posts and feed content.

4. BK WINE DEPOT CORP – Liquor Store

Shopify Design Agency
Shopify Design Agency

BK WINE DEPOT CORP was established in 2013 and since then the brand has quickly grown with the help of well-organized management and customer-specific services. The founder aspires to make BK WINE DEPOT CORP a valuable community liquor store with its ardent approach to target customers online.

With the classic collection, easy navigation, fashionably designed layout, and customization to meet the specific needs of the client, Pictonix has won over another epitome of Shopify stores. 

What leads this store to be amongst the best Shopify examples?

  • Age popup.
  • Well-sorted menu for an easy-to-navigate store.
  • Announcement bars for latest business updates on deals and discounts.
  • Easy access to the shopping cart.
  • Secure payment gateways and checkout.

5. AquaBLAST – Water-Fitness Brand 

Digital Shopify Agency
Digital Ecommerce Agency

The AquaBLAST is a heartfelt journey of the founder that got off the ground on a baseball field in Ohio, after being diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. Soon, they launched AquaBLAST – a portable water-filled fitness and punching bag for swimming pools. You can easily punch, kick, or throw the product to keep yourself fit and healthy. 

With enticing yet unique product inventory, AquaBLAST has been designed to convey a large section of the information about the brand and its product. The sea blue color, here, on the website, resembles sensitivity and the toughness of the water. Each website element adds charm to the transmutation of the visuals of the website to the living senses.

What leads this store to be amongst the best Shopify examples?

  • Highly informative and educational content.
  • Punchy and balanced accumulations of words.
  • Ideal color palette and font to tone with the niche.
  • Simplified footer with all the important links on the website.
  • Delightful AquaBLAST story.

6. Malie – Women’s Clothing Brand 

Digital Ecommerce Agency
Shopify Design and Development

Malie is suitable to be enrolled as the best Shopify example of Pictonix for its inspiring story of the inauguration. One of the two founders is from Denmark and the other has its roots in India and the fusion of the two transmuted into a visual celebration of the couple’s rich cultural differences.

Our website designer has contended to manifest the synergy of women’s classic clothing through conspicuous layout with extravagant blocks and sections. As users will browse through the website, they will witness a great combination of striking homepage with modern design. 

What leads this store to be amongst the best Shopify examples?

  • Elegant fonts and smooth typography.
  • Distinctive menu to filter customers’ preferences.
  • Full-width images on the homepage.
  • Nice and clean layout throughout the website.
  • Pronounced email signup feature.

Design Your Very Own Shopify Store with Pictonix

With a pioneering spirit and passion to bring happiness and contentment to the customer’s expectations, Pictonix has been serving its Shopify expertise to established or new brands across the world. It took us an extraordinary 8 years, and the unaccountable vision, hard work, creativity, emotions, and sweat of each team member to be recognized as digital marketing solutions globally. 

All the processes entailed in our functioning are paying off the result by the success of every brand we have designed. We acclaim the measure of our success with an extensive fraction of your success online. Hence, we bring the best Shopify store examples, including examples of Shopify dropshipping stores and physical stores.

We hope you are completely mesmerized by our work as much as we are catering to your business digitally!

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